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Selected Chapter Data Sets

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Note: Original sources for these data sets are provided in our textbook. Please credit the original sources when citing these data.

Chapter 3 Data
TI-83/84 file
Excel file
Open-Canopy Stream Temps (Table 3-6) 


Metals in Spokane R. Fish (Table 3-11)


Florida Manatees (Table 3-12) 
Union City, TN Rainfall (Table 3-19) 
Aluminum Can Recycling (Table 3-22) 
Ground/Air Pond Surveys (Table 3-23)
Chapter 4 Data (Linear)
TI-83/84 file
Excel file
Cabezon Biometrics (Table 4-6)
Metals in Spokane R. Fish (Table 4-8) 
Potassium and Nitrates in FL Water (Table 4-11)
Rainbow Glacier (Table 4-12)
Hawaii-Emperor Chain (Table 4-13)
Cerro Negro Eruptions (Table 4-14)
Columbia R. Depths and Velocities (Table 4-15)
Alternative Fueled Vehicles (Table 4-16)
Chapter 5 Data (Exponential)
TI-83/84 file
Excel file
Capacity of Photo Cells (Table 5-8)
Spokane R. Trout (Table 5-16)
Galapagos Cactus Finches (Table 5-17)



Swedish Fertilizer Use (Table 5-18)
Bald Eagle Pairs (Figure 5-16)
Chapter 6 Data (Power)
TI-83/84 file
Excel file
Engine Economy vs. Size (Table 6-3)
S. Patagonia Icefield (Table 6-9)


Bird Species vs. Area (Table 6-10)
Dasyurid Biometrics (Table 6-11)
Lead vs. Distance (Table 6-12)
Makaopuhi Lava (Table 6-13)
Duvall Aftershocks (Table 6-14)
Bass Biometrics (Table 6-15)
Seneca Cr. Discharge (Table 6-16)

Chapter 9 Data (Logistic)
TI-83/84 file
Excel file
G.F. Gause Bacteria (Table 9-1) 


Chapter 11 Data
TI-83/84 file
Excel file
E-Waste: Lead in CRTs (Table 11-5)
Bear Weights (Table 11-6)
Worldwide TFRs (Figure 11-9)
Reservoir Levels (Figure 11-11)
Wheat Yields (Figure 11-14)
Dungeness Crab Harvest (Table 11-11)
Generic Data Set n = 18 (Exercise 8)
Logging Effects on Soils (Table 11-16)
Glacier Lengths (Table 11-17)
Silver Fir Diameters (Table11-18)
Cadmium Levels in Air (Table 11-19)
Chapter 12 Data
TI-83/84 file
Excel file
Flame Retardants (Table 12-2)
Nuclear Energy Production (Table 12-5)
Hydro Energy Production (Table 12-6)
Columbia R. Velocities (Table 12-7)
Wheat Yields (Figure 12-12)
Potassium in FL Water (Table 12-12)
Nitrates in FL Water (Table 12-13)
Motor Oil Recycling (Table 12-14)
L. Superior Ice Days (Table 12-15)
Chapter 13 Data
TI-83/84 file
Excel file
Ecological Balances (Figure 13-1)
SUV Mileage Ratings (Figure 13-7)
San Diego Ozone (Table 13-2)
Reading, PA Rainfall (Exercise 14)
CO2 from Power Plants (Table 13-5)
Nuclear Energy Production (Table 13-6)
Columbia R. Velocities (Exercise 26)

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