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Chapter Projects                    

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Terms of use: These projects were developed in part under NSF Grant No. 9980740. They may be used free of change, and without further permission, for non-commercial purposes only. For referencing these works, please use the following credit line: Copyright 2007, Joe Hull and Greg Langkamp, Seattle Central Community College.
Chapter 1 Project:  Melting of the Ice Caps 

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Project: Ch01Project.pdf  
Map of Greenland: Ch01GreenlandMap.pdf

Useful websites for viewing the impacts of sea level change (available April 2014):

NY Times article on sea-level change (Nov. 2010 ):
As Glaciers Melt, Science Seeks Data on Rising Seas, by Justin Gillis

Chapter 2 Project:  Measuring Habitat of Florida Lakes

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Map of WinterHaven, FL  Ch02WinterHavenMap.pdf   Note: print this map on 11" x 17" paper.

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Project: Ch02Project_TI.pdf

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Project: Ch02Project_SC.pdf

Chapter 3 Project:  U.S. Energy Flows

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Project: Ch03Project.pdf   Updated June 2013
U.S. Energy Consumption Diagram:  Ch03EnergyGraph.pdf

Chapter 4 Project: Fertility Rates in Developing Countries

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Data for 81 developing countries: Ch04DataSheet.pdf 
TFR v. Contraception scatter plot:  Ch04Scatterplot.pdf

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Project: Ch04Project_TI.pdf 
TI Calculator data files: Ch04ProjectData.8xg    help!

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Project: Ch04Project_SC.pdf 
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Chapter 5 Project: Broiler Chicken Production

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Graph of U.S. Broiler Production 1960-2002:  Ch05BroilerGraph.pdf

For the latest (and revised) chicken production numbers, check out the statistics provided jointly by the National Chicken Council and the USDA:


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Project: Ch05Project_TI.pdf
TI Calculator data files: Ch05ProjectData.8xg     help!

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Project: Ch05Project_SC.pdf
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Chapter 6 Project: A New Model for Earthquakes

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Bingo Box Grid: Ch06BingoBox.pdf
Bingo Box Tally Sheet: Ch06RawData.pdf
Group Summary Data Sheet: Ch06GroupSummaryData.pdf
Class Summary Data Sheet: Ch06ClassSummaryData.pdf
Annual New Madrid Earthquakes (1816-1983): Ch06NewMadrid.pdf

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Project: Ch06Project_TI.pdf

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Project: Ch06Project_SC.pdf

Chapter 7 Project:  Human Population and Migration

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Project: Ch07Project.pdf  Updated May 2013

Chapter 8 Project:  Lead in the Body

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Project: Ch08Project.pdf
Girls weight-for-age chart: Ch08GirlsWeightForAge.pdf

Chapter 9 Project: Tropical Forests Forever?

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Project: Ch09Project.pdf

Chapter 10 Project: Pollution in a Chain of Lakes

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Project: Ch10Project.pdf

Chapter 11 Project:  Electric Bills and Super Bulbs

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Map of U.S. electricity rates by state: Ch11ElectricityRateMap.pdf

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Project: Ch11Project_TI.pdf

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Project: Ch11Project_SC.pdf

Chapter 12 Project: Urban Runoff Scorecard

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Project: Ch12Project.pdf
Sample neighborhood map: Ch12SeattleNeighborhood.pdf
Sample block map: Ch12SeattleBlock.pdf  Note: print this map on 11" x 17" paper

Chapter 13 Project:  Taxes on Toxics

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Project: Ch13Project_TI.pdf

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Project: Ch13Project_SC.pdf

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