Table of Contents     

Quantitative Reasoning and the Environment
Mathematical Modeling in Context      

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Part 1:   Essential Numeracy

Chapter 1:   Measurement and Units


Chapter 2:   Ratios and Percentages

Chapter 3:   Charts and Graphs


Part 2:   Function Modeling


Chapter 4:   Linear Functions and Regression


Chapter 5:   Exponential Functions and Regression


Chapter 6:   Power Functions


Part 3:   Difference Equation Modeling


Chapter 7:   Introduction to Difference Equations


Chapter 8:   Affine Solution Equations and Equilibrium Values


Chapter 9: Logistic Growth, Harvesting and Chaos


Chapter 10:   Systems of Difference Equations


Part 4:   Elementary Statistics


Chapter 11:   Fundamentals of Statistics

Chapter 12:   Standard Deviation

Chapter 13:   Normal Distributions


Appendix:   Unit Conversions

Answers to Odd Exercises